Over the last three years the BP AGT Region in the Caspian has deployed a new Field of the Future technology to automate the monitoring of safety critical valves' actuation time. This paper discusses the deployment of this tool, particularly focusing on the business value delivered and the lessons learnt. The Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey (AGT) Region is a BP organisational unit, operating a number of major upstream and midstream assets in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey, including six large integrated offshore platforms in the Caspian Sea, and three export pipelines.

Automating the monitoring of valves is not always included in the business case for intelligent oilfields, and the operations focus may be seen as less value-adding than some of the reservoir or well based applications, but the business value is clear. The operational prize is relatively easy to measure and capture when retrofitting to a brownfield site that has reached a steady state of performance. BP in Azerbaijan chose to initially deploy this technology about two years after startup, once the maintenance team's focus shifted away from post commissioning problems, and comparison to steady state operation was possible, and the application had reached maturity.

Detailed valve time tracking adds value by reducing the need to plan safety valve testing, if a plant shutdown occurs -planned or unplanned during the window within which procedures dictate a valve test must be conducted. In addition, the application provides performance tracking over time that might not be available from routine planned testing. The avoidance of yearly function checks has resulted in significant savings in manpower costs and plant outages and early warning of valve performance degradation can be acted upon before they result in failures.

Running this application in the Caspian has demonstrated business value to BP locally through improved reliability and reduced maintenance costs, and has resulted in the take up of this new technology across BP worldwide.

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