This paper describes the successful application of Real-Time Optimization by Shell Malaysia E&P on the Integrated Gas Production System in Sarawak, implementing models for real-time monitoring and optimization of wells and facilities on a gas production network spanning more than 100 wells on more than 40 platforms across a number of different Production Sharing Contracts. We highlight how Digital Oil Field practices enable field-based data to be turned into information, support decision making, and lead to actions that ensure production is optimized continuously.

The technology described in this paper is applied to achieve consistent gas supply to meet demand, maximize revenue, and enable improved and timely operational decisions - striking a balance between short- and long-term value, and taking into account the reality of commercial and contractual constraints, finance, and economics. The optimization is data-driven and covers more than 1,000 variables and features multiple, mutually dependent objectives and constraints.

The solution has proven significantly better than prior physical model-based solutions, which deliver optimized field settings, but with inherently unstable results, and not fast enough for application in a real-time decision making environment. Field trials have proven a result of: increased condensate production at current or improved expected Ultimate Recovery, whilst maintaining a stable gas supply, fulfilling quality constraints and contractual LNG nominations.

This is one of the first successful attempts to implement truly-real-time optimization in a production environment of this size and complexity, including a complicated set of commercial and contractual constraints, and striking a transparent balance between short-term and long-term value. Having proven that a multi-departmental reality can be successfully captured and modeled, might mark the start of a transformation towards embedding intelligent energy to its true potential.

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