This paper presents the second version of the Maintenance and Modification Planner (IO-MAP). IO-MAP is a software tool designed to reduce risk in job planning on offshore oil & gas installations in an Integrated Operations (IO) setting. In this situation the planner is likely to have reduced knowledge of the actual installation, and the intention of the IO-MAP is to support the operator in safe job planning through visualization of risks on the actual installation. Risks such as hot work, potentially falling objects, workload and weather data are visualized. The new version is intended to support multiple users planning offshore jobs on a shared large projected display. It is an evolutionary design, based on feedback from exploratory studies on the first version. The studies on the first version identified several improvement areas were parts of the design was too complex and abstract. The new version of the tool described in this paper, has redesigned several objects to be more intuitive and less abstract. The colour scheme has improved consistency for easier comparison of risk factors on the installation. New functionality related to risk factors is also included. The graphical design scheme is inspired from Information Rich Design used in other applications such as large screen displays for oil & gas process monitoring in Norway.

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