The Digital Oil Field (DOF) real time data structure as applied to drilling, reservoirs, wells surface production facilities, pipelines and downstream systems has evolved as bit of a muddle with little overall design and structure and little thought given to the underlying data foundational requirements. This has lead to disintegrated systems and inefficiency in attempts to integrate the multi-various systems and components.

Current real time data standards are based on a combination of downstream and upstream proprietary vendor standards that are growing more and more higgledy-piggeldy as more systems are deployed. Aggravating the problem is the ever growing volumes of data which needs to be transformed into useful information to facilitate better and more timely decision-making.

Hence the purpose of this paper is fourfold to:

  • Define the problem in terms of the current over-abundance of data systems and standards;

  • Document current and foreseeable data business requirements;

  • Define the required integrated data foundation capable of handling the ever growing data volumes and providing appropriate, timely and accurate information to those that need to know;

  • Identify the business value that can be attained with this more structured and standardized approach.

The ultimate aim is to provide a solid foundation upon which the Digital Oil/Gas field can grow and flourish and a corresponding business justification.

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