The value of "intelligent" (i.e., digital, automated) energy solutions is now undisputed. Across the industry, these solutions are known by different names, such as: I-Field, Digital Oilfield, Asset of the Future, Field of the Future, Integrated Operations, and Integrated Oilfield Solutions. But regardless of what name is used, the expectation remains the same: technical staff are now expected to work in new ways––with new or automated processes, with new people, with new technologies, in new office operational facilities, and with new responsibilities––and meet expectations of new levels of performance and effectiveness in their jobs.

However, in the author's experience, there is widespread uncertainty among staff using the new technology. Specifically, there is confusion about job roles and responsibilities in the constantly changing technical work environment. While uncertainty eats away at staff morale, confusion poses a larger risk of failure, both at an individual and project level. Moreover, the success of hard-won Integrated Oilfield Solution project mandates comes under jeopardy––but this can be rectified if due care and attention is given to all stakeholders and end users who have an influence on the acceptance and use of the technology.

This paper examines some of the most recent cases of Integrated Oilfield technology implementations, either individual projects or technology campaigns in terms of "the people aspects". The author proposes as a hypothesis, a model for Change Management and tests its completeness and exhaustiveness against these technology implementation cases.

The paper concludes that if an all-inclusive Change Management Framework is adopted and therefore those issues relating to the engagement of people are addressed as a concerted effort at the beginning of an Integrated Oilfield Project, and these efforts are continued throughout the life of the project and into post implementation support, that projects will have a greater chance of success and sustainability.

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