Abstract This paper presents very important water flooding equipment which has been applied successfully in Daqing oilfield in China. This finished product is integrative, intelligent, automatic, real time monitoring, it is a reliable way to collect every layer's pressure, temperature, water injection rate, the testing time, etc., displays and monitors all these data on the laptop screen in real time. The testing workers use the laptop to adjust every layer's water injection rate and all the data records as safely and conveniently as possible. All these recorded data can be used in optimization reservoir development scheme, casing damage monitoring and prevention. This full-automatic intelligent testing and adjusting equipment system is very suitable for application in poor geological condition, complex oil and water distribution, the single water injection well is separated several layers. Testing, adjusting, recording data can be used laptop to control during the operation. This full-automatic intelligent testing equipment system reduces the working intensity, the testing work-force and the production costs, improves the water injection rate in high water cut-stage oilfield. This system has been awarded three invention patents and twenty patents for utility model. The single water flooding well testing cost has been reduced 47% in practical application. So far, more than four thousand water flooding wells have been applied with this equipment in Daqing oilfield, totals about six thousand well-times. The testing, adjustable successful rate has been above 85% in one trip, the precision has been increased nearly 10%. The average testing, adjustable time of single water injection well is less than two days which has been more than trebled as against before, the totaled economic benefits is about millions US dollars per year. More than twenty Chinese Oil Production Companies in five different oilfields have applied this equipment. Key words: full-automatic real-time display, testing and adjustable system, separated layers water injection well 1. Introduction Daqing Oilfield is the largest oilfield in China. It is a giant, nonmarine, heterogeneous and multilayer sandstone oilfield whose reservoirs can be divided into 80-120 small layers. The reservoirs' total thickness ranges from 100 to 150m, and for single layers, the thickness is 0.2 to 30m [1]. Daqing oilfield is exploited for over 50 years, has entered the extra high water cut period. Multi-layer injection wells are increased year by year, more separate layers in single Well bring on the testing and adjustable heavy workload, the geologic heterogeneity and serious interlayer difference makes the separate water injection rate is not stable and the water nozzle adjustable is complex, the water injection rate adjustable success rate is not high, improve the efficiency of water injection is very difficult. Through multidisciplinary integrated research, this system integration design with intelligence, automation, real-time monitoring which is suitable for multi-stage separate layer water injection Wells' each layer water injection testing and adjustable in the dynamic development, also can be applied in the water injection profile modification in the extra high water cut oilfield.

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