Chevron's digital energy program, i-field, began in 2002. Its focus is to enable integration of asset activities, relevant-time data, analysis and decision-making, and the design of purpose-built workflows to implement new i-field solutions.

The McElroy Field is a large waterflood located in the Permian Basin. Waterflood management at the McElroy is challenging due to reservoir complexity combined with drilling activity, well work, well count, varying artificial lift systems, high fluid volumes, and multiple injection systems. To efficiently manage the field, the technical team embraced i-field solutions and Chevron Base Business processes. The result is an efficient operation which is managed by exception using real time data.

The McElroy Team worked with Chevron's i-field team to map waterflood management workflows. The workflow designs reflected decisions being made, data requirements, data sources, and data quality. Subsequently, tools were developed that could access the data, apply filters, and present the results for review. To enhance the usage of the integration tools, an Asset Decision Environment (ADE) was built, enabling faster and more informed decision-making. The McElroy team also implemented Chevron's Integrated Production System Optimization process. A tool was built to capture facility information and the theoretical capacity. Forecasted production volumes were checked against equipment capacity to identify bottlenecks.

Application of i-field tools and the IPSO process have significantly impacted McElroy. The number of injectors within 10% of their target rate increased from 185 to 275 wells within 8 weeks of IMET implementation. The number of prospective workovers increased to over 100 wells once a well surveillance tool was incorporated into daily workflows. There has been a flattening of production decline directly related to improved injection and production well management made possible through the use of digital i-field tools and solutions.

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