5 men on an offshore rig.

They are making a decision about whether it is safe to remove drilling mud from a well.

They are discussing the results of a test.

The test results show that it might not be safe.

This means that when the drilling mud is removed, there could be enormous flows of oil and gas up to the platform, causing a big loss of live and massive uncontrollable pollution.

But one of the men says that the test results are showing what they do because of the ‘bladder effect’, and tries to explain it.

The other men do not understand.

What do the men do next?

Do the other men say, "We're not going to risk our lives, and let our children grow up without a father, and massive amounts of pollution, because of something we don't understand? We need to do more testing."

Or do they say "fine, we can remove the drilling mud".

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