Many oil and gas operators are developing and implementing their vision for "digital oilfields" in order to more efficiently recover hydrocarbons in an increasingly complex and challenging environment. ExxonMobil* has a long history in the application of digital technology to maximize asset performance. Continued applications of new advances in digital technology are implemented to further optimize people's time and expertise towards maximizing hydrocarbon opportunity identification and recovery. ExxonMobil's global functional organization provides a framework to deploy globally standard asset management processes and technology tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its professionals across technical disciplines and operations. ExxonMobil's vision is to create breakthrough performance and competitive advantage through systematic application of digital technologies integrated with global standard processes.

This paper shares ExxonMobil's approach to leveraging digital technology in management of assets. Key success factors in this approach are cross-discipline collaboration across the asset's lifecycle, standardized processes, and a long-term commitment to technology. Included in this paper are examples of digital technology implementations and how they enable people and processes for higher asset performance.

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