The implementation of a 3-D visualization platform for drilling application within the Onshore Drilling Center in Tananger was among one of the targets in the new plan for enhancing the drilling efficiency and evaluating NPT. The most challenging step was to deploy collaborative well-planning software under a Windows platform in addition to the interaction between the Norway database and the drilling application.

The implementation process of the visualization platform was carried out by deploying Windows machines in different locations. The challenge faced was the connectivity between the global database and the drilling platform. This implementation follows the Integrated Operation vision, which is enabled by connectivity, collaborative technologies, and multi-discipline workflows.

Historically, this visualization platform under Linux has been used by the GGRE (Sub Surface and Reservoir Evaluation) engineers, but not deployed through the drilling community. This paper discusses the new synergy of enhancing the collaborative work in logical steps. The first step is to provide the appropriate hardware and software for the integrated operation, and the second step is to accommodate the new tools within the ODC workflows.

Another way of working is starting to take place through bringing GGRE and drilling staff engineers together. This collaborative well planning requires the coordination of different operating platforms, databases, disciplines, and hardware to ensure effective well planning. Specific operational preparedness and coordination are needed prior to the well session.

The live well planning sessions illustrate how the reservoir team, overburden team, and drillers can all work together on the plan simultaneously through importing or exporting targets from the drilling database. Different platforms can be used during the well planning session to allow for free access to G&G data, third-party data, and well planning data through the use of a visualization drilling engine.

The case history provided in this paper discusses how real-time visualization was used to monitor drilling trajectory with a geological model.

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