Real time data provides key information that can be used to monitor oil and gas wells to maintain well integrity and avoid costly failures. Integrity management is at the heart of BP's operating philosophy. The company uses new technologies enabled by real time data to allow continuous improvement in well integrity management.

The use of real time rate calculations has provided technical assurance to maximize production within BP's deepwater subsea field development. Production has been increased by 10,000 stb/D while maintaining well integrity and process safety assurance within safe engineering operating limits. Similarly, the Na Kika fields apply advanced flux based tools and sand alarming capabilities to protect wells from sand completion failure. Additional fields are currently using BP proprietary technology to monitor and proactively alarm on wellhead annulus pressures, successfully mitigating the well integrity risk of collapsed tubing.

Well integrity management is critical for any operating company. In deep water environments where subsea well costs can exceed 100 million dollars, loss of well integrity can have serious consequences associated with production capability, loss of containment, reputational damage, and regulatory license to operate. Application of new technologies is transforming simplistic past practices into highly sophisticated automated monitoring and advanced control mechanisms enabled by real time data. These technologies have a vital role in delivering advanced capabilities so that engineers can make better decisions, faster, to help retain long term value.

This paper, through case studies, will demonstrate the ability to use innovative workflows and technologies, enabled by real time data, to identify and mitigate well integrity risks. Key risks such as annulus leaks, sand control failures, and mechanical failures are monitored using Field of the Future technologies. These examples from different operating areas of BP will demonstrate continuous improvement, showing how engineers use these technologies to maintain well integrity.

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