This article proposes a model for value creation whereby a set of integrated operations (IO) success criteria are matched against key work process aspects. The principles in this model are implemented in Statoil's governing documents as an IO guideline.

The necessary and sufficient conditions for successful value creation by means of IO are modelled in a layered structure with seven success criteria. These success criteria are:

  • Mindset, leadership and training

  • Organisation, networking and work process framework

  • Collaboration work arenas

  • Information visualizations and work spaces

  • Information access

  • Communication infrastructure, data transmission and standards

  • Data capture and remote activation

The purpose of the IO guideline is to:

  • Enable a common platform for improvements and training for all processes and business areas

  • Contribute to a common performance level among processes and business areas world wide in Statoil and

  • Describe the required steps for a successful implementation of IO

A consequence of this model is that the capital expenditure and improvement efforts related to one criterion must be met with matching efforts on the other criteria in order to achieve the desired outcome with respect to improved work process efficiencies, increased production, reduced costs and improved HSE.

The paper discusses the proposed IO model in a life cycle perspective from exploration to production. Examples and experiences from using of the model are included. A summary and some conclusions are given in the last section of the paper.

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