BP has deployed early warning systems that monitor heavy machinery, markedly increasing the reliability, operational integrity, and performance of equipment in BP's operations. Early warning allows BP to more effectively schedule maintenance (with costs of planned maintenance typically being a fraction of the costs of emergency repairs) and plan to minimize any production loss during the work through reconfiguration and feed rerouting. The company's initial trial generated value of $2 million during the trial alone, at a cost of only $50,000. Additional trials provided further savings of almost $3 million through detections such as pump seal problems, failing instrumentation, control problems, and turbine fouling. These striking benefits led BP to plan a significant deployment across the company.

In just over a year, BP has made significant implementations at more than half of its facilities in one business segment and online pilots in all other business areas. Millions of dollars have already been saved; BP's goal of significantly reducing unplanned maintenance is well on its way to being realized. Far fewer experts are required to spot developing problems than with traditional data monitoring methods, this can now be done by a skilled technician; so more problems are caught. Quick- win maintenance savings more than paid for the technologies in the first year, and the safety benefits in a potentially hazardous environment are priceless.

BP's aggressive adoption of wired and novel wireless technology to capture more measurements has significantly increased the volume of data available. This wealth of data put BP in an even better position to leverage predictive analytics technology. The technologies’ data-driven approach has many advantages over the traditional trending or first principles models used in the past. It's generally faster to implement, easier to maintain, does not require sophisticated engineering knowledge, and makes use of a wealth of existing but unused data, representing a breakthrough in the area of equipment health.

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