Capitalizing on early successes in advanced well control and real-time monitoring, Total has engaged in a major "Digital Field" initiative. Combining both proven and leading-edge technologies, the Field Monitoring template is providing a powerful tool for well and facilities performance monitoring and optimization. This paper presents the concept of the Well Performance Monitoring (WPM) module, and the early results of its pilot application which is being implemented in 2009, at the Girassol field located offshore Angola.

The WPM module constitutes an integrated real-time monitoring solution for subsea installations, from reservoir inflow to receiving facilities. Proposing advanced features such as a common asset model, a business orchestrator and a web-based interface, the tool provides remote access to timely and quality field data and improves communication and collaboration between offshore and onshore, as well as support by specialists from E&P headquarters. Functional capabilities include data validation, virtual metering, wells and networks modelling, smart alarming and production optimization. Specific workflows have also been defined to sustain continuous updating of the models to match observed field behavior.

This paper illustrates the benefits of the WPM solution in terms of improved production and enhanced well diagnosis. It also reviews the organizational challenges associated with such a project and discusses the key factors ensuring successful implementation and good support from onsite teams.

WPM brings forth a new approach for the intelligent surveillance of complex subsea production systems. The Well Performance team, as well as the Production and Reservoir teams have gained benefit from such a tool. Pertinent information is delivered to the right people in real-time, enabling instant diagnosis and minimization of production shortfalls. In addition, the online simulator supports the continuous optimization of the field throughput by real-time integration of changing well behaviour or production constraints.

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