To fully leverage innovation within an organisation, communication channels must work both ways. We need to move away from the old broadcast model to an open dialogue with the target audience, ensuring the message is understood and the call to action is being addressed.

Using open source software, the "Woodside Innovation & Improvement Zone (WIIZ)" is one example of how Web 2.0 technology is being used to create a culture of innovation within the company.

The WIIZ incorporates a number of Web 2.0 concepts: tagging, user participation, voting, design simplicity and two-way communication. Importantly, the software used is not of great importance, a number of different tools could have been used to achieve the same goal. Simplicity, usability, flexibility and cost effectiveness were the primary technology drivers.

The WIIZ is in a "Perpetual Beta" state allowing user-driven enhancements to be made and fully transparent two-way communication applies to the innovation ideas and to the actual site design and functionality.

The site is currently administratively time-consuming, with future enhancements to be made to reduce this overhead. User feedback has been very positive from all levels within the organisation. The project was not started specifically as a Web 2.0 demonstration, but rather has used this technology where appropriate.

Capturing Woodside's innovation and continuous improvement ideas, projects and challenges in a fully transparent, community driven, collaborative way allows us to harness the skills, creativity, experience and passion of our staff more effectively than ever before.

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