In common with many organizations in the industry, BG Group faces the challenge of how to identify colleagues with the most relevant expertise, how to learn the lessons of experience, and how to support BG Group’s global Integrated Operations initiative ((1) Collison & Parcell, 2004)). In earlier times ‘Knowledge Management’ focussed on capturing structured information and storing it in corporate repositories. But a wider set of collaboration possibilities and capabilities is needed to capture the abundance of ways in which people’s insights can be expressed and to cement new ways of working.

Through a programme of concept pilots, BG Group’s Global Advanced Technologies team has been working across the business to introduce a range of Web 2.0 social technologies. The fundamental building block of the social web is the individual’s person-profile, listing their experience and affiliations. From that rich description of the person, all else follows; person to person networking, the formation of online communities, access to specialized libraries through built-in wiki spaces, instant meetings from the desktop with video-conferencing support, individualized communication through blogs, targeted information feeds through RSS, and social search with shared book-marking of resources.

Now and in the future, people can benefit from finding out ‘who knows who’ or ‘who knows what’ and ‘what is significant’ - as expressed by their own collective intelligence. This paper will share success stories and feedback from the programme.

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