With increased requirements to improve production availability; and to have a continues updated overview of the condition status of subsea production systems (SPS), oil and gas operators have increased focus to reach beyond the current practice of integrating onshore and offshore centers and processes for continuous onshore support. Integrated Operations (IO) generation 2, is a further extension to integrate operation centers of the operator and their vendors with heavily automated processes and digital services in a 24/7 operation.

In order to reach IO generation 2, Proactive Management as foundation for operations with a preemptive maintenance program giving an early insight of coming abnormal issues is essential. Focusing on knowledge and understanding of how the equipment and installed base performs is essential and will be empowered by a management system which takes a holistic approach and an automatic integrity diagnoses functionality. To achieve IO generation 2, work processes which promote collaboration and continuous improvements and visualization of the equipment will be necessary to facilitate a common awareness and maintaining an optimum field operation.

By continuous monitoring of the integrity of the SPS in an IO generation 2 context, the Condition and Performance Management (CPM) system enables preemptive maintenance leading to maximum production at minimum maintenance cost. Increasingly important and supported by the CPM system, is the enforcing of health, safety and environment as stipulated in company goals and in national and international regulations.

The CPM system facilitates enhanced collaboration, and it is configured to support the identified IO generation 2 work processes regarding work interfaces and roles. The agreed work processes for an IO generation 2 set-up make the base foundation of the CPM system, from day-to-day monitoring and collaboration to in-depth analysis and improvement of the installed base performance.

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