In this paper we present a methodology for synchronized integration of a dynamic simulation model of the wells and production facilities with the real-time online data obtained from the production field. Through dynamic simulation, the production system can be characterized as a transient, multiphase operation capable of modeling time-dependent phenomena. The implementation incorporates development of an accurate dynamic model of the wells and the production network, as well as an online, real-time application which transfers data in a time synchronized manner between historian database and the simulation model at predetermined time steps.

This system has been implemented by Pioneer Resources on the Oooguruk oil field which is the basis of this case study. One important outcome of this system is that it acts as "virtual instrumentation" for key unmeasured variables such as well flow rates. The system can also monitor the performance of specific equipment and support decisions to switch to production modes such as artificial lift. The system can be run offline as a look-ahead tool to predict future behavior given initial conditions or to run what-if scenarios. It has been shown that real-time models that match the field data improve understanding of the overall system, and provide the tools to translate vast amount of data into decision support for daily operational strategies.

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