The Intelligent Energy vision is particularly relevant to mid-career professionals with strong management potential. As aspiring asset or service managers, this group has a strong need to improve their analytic and integrative skills, and adopt the holistic view of the industry which characterises the Intelligent Energy approach.

This paper describes results of five years experience with an Executive Master program for mid-career professionals. The program was initiated at the time that Intelligent Energy concepts were being formulated, and embodies many of those principles. It is designed to achieve, within twelve months, a quantum leap in the multi-discipline integration and multi-level abstraction skills of participants, enabling them to solve efficiently complex managerial problems much earlier than traditional training programs. They learn to formulate an integrated vision of the E&P value chain and how this creates a framework for computing added value of individual projects. Mastering this skill is normally achieved after years of experience. The course could be labeled "the MBA for E&P professionals", however with both feet firmly on technical ground.

The core of the program is the thesis project, which is designed to integrate all skills acquired during the program using real-world company data. It consists of two parts: an individual thesis topic relevant to the participant’s work in their own company; and a team thesis in which the group creates a virtual company and makes a corporate analysis of the portfolio generated by the individual projects.

The paper gives a brief overview of the program, emphasising the shared vision with Intelligent Energy. We then discuss in detail the thesis project, and use examples of the individual theses to illustrate how the graduates and their theses act as catalysts for industry best-practices on their return to their home company.

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