Accurate well test data acquired throughout an appropriately designed test program is critical to confidently characterize a reservoir. Achieving this requires the right DST string selection or completion and stimulation designs, surface test set up / facilities, and the ability to rapidly handle dynamic changes in flow regimes. Well testing is inherently complex due to the interaction between these various elements. "Successful failures" in well testing is unfortunately not uncommon and results from each element of a test performing as per standards, but losing focus on achieving the ultimate objectives. The remote participation in operations of expertise that designed the test is becoming increasingly important in achieving test objectives, in particular in geologically complex structures, low-deliverability formations, reservoirs with high flow rate wells, or environmentally challenging conditions.

Technological developments have enabled improved monitoring and controlling of advanced well testing equipment often now with multiple data acquisition systems. For increased accuracy in highly dynamic test environments, well tests are also performed using multiphase flow metering alongside separators specifically designed to increase handling and separation efficiencies with separate acquisition systems. Remotely located experts are now able to validate and evaluate data in real-time, 24/7, with flexibility to change acquisition and test programs to ensure that objectives are achieved.

Real-time access and remote connectivity were provided during gas condensate testing of three North Sea wells in the Grove field. This paper describes the value of real-time services where the test program required continuous data quality assurance and rapid real-time evaluation onshore. This paper also demonstrates how real-time collaboration of personnel at multiple sites was crucial in carrying out a successful pressure transient analysis and a complete interpretation, both of which helped achieve the test program objectives within the planned test duration.

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