Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO) chose the North East Bab (NEB) field complex and asset to pioneer intelligent field technologies and work-practices within the company from development, to production start-up in 2006 and in subsequent enhancement projects. This paper describes implementation and operational experience from the online production optimisation and monitoring software now used as part of the asset team’s work-flows.

Offline modelling of the NEB complex started in 2006 to demonstrate the feasibility of the concept. In what is now becoming standard practice, an offline integrated model of the reservoir performance, production, gas-lift, water and WAG injection wells and surface facilities was set up. Experience from using this model and workshop sessions with all disciplines within the NEB Asset team were then used to specify and commission a commercially available web-based system.

The online system is being used by the team to help optimise reservoir, well and plant performance. Common access to up-todate information throughout the organisation has encouraged faster decision making and prioritisation of measurements with resulting optimal improvement implementations in the field. The system monitors performance against reservoir management targets for production/injection and facilitates diagnosis of any deviations from plan by highlighting flow-assurance issues from the reservoir to well to process plant to export pump. The methodology used is transparent to any user and so confidence can be established in the continuously updated results for well and network flow assurance, reservoir pressure estimation and voidage monitoring. The increasing focus on information, rather than raw data, is improving operational efficiency and the team plan regular enhancement of the system features.

The paper illustrates, using field examples, the benefits being realised from the online performance monitoring and full loop optimisation of both production and injection wells.

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