In the industry today IT has become "business critical" in wellsite and field operations, moving beyond the traditional back office role. As a result, there are significant implications for the IT organization, where rig site and producing-asset interaction, both in terms of people and technology, has been infrequent, ad hoc or confined to the witnessing and delivery of data. It is now critical to align the strategies and plans of IT and Operations both at HQ and local level, to achieve the efficiency, performance, and technology objectives set. Key focus areas are

  • Staffing—Assign experienced staff to real-time–related IT management.

  • Process—Define clear processes for all "touch points" between IT and Operations.

  • Infrastructure—Design, build, and operate a highly resilient infrastructure from end to end.

  • Service Quality—Benchmark, measure performance, and plan to continually improve.

This paper describes a "model real-time framework" and the standards defined for compliance by target geographical areas over a 12-month period. The aggressive targets were achieved through a high level of HQ support, key personnel moves, and monthly reviews tracking progress against action plans.

With the application of a well-structured program, support and confidence was gained across the company, united through the understanding of the clear business benefits brought about by advances in IT. Complacency in the existing level of infrastructure resiliency was apparent and compelling arguments to justify investment were required and provided.

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