Recent years have seen a profound change in the way the oil industry works. This change goes under the name of Integrated Operations, i-field, smart field and similar. The core to this change is a more effective use of data and competence irrespective of distance, organization and professional discipline. In Norway most operating assets have now made important steps towards implementing Integrated Operations in the form of collaboration between the offshore operations and the land based asset organization as their standard operating procedure. This implementation has changed the way of working within the assets in an irreversible manner.

A next step in this change process could be to implement the IO philosophy to multi-asset technology support. Statoil has several multiasset support-centres in operation. In October 2008 a "Production Support Centre" – PSC – was launched to provide multidisciplinary support within production optimization to the assets. The establishment was based on a holistic view of production optimization – from the reservoir to the offtake - and hence comprised many different disciplines within productionand process technology in one support centre.

The paper describes the philosophy behind establishing the Production Support Centre, how this philosophy has been implemented within the current business model of the company and the experience gained after one year of operation. The centre is involved in tasks ranging from online support to complex, multidisciplinary issues – "Task Force Support". The experience clearly indicates a need for such a centre in particular with regards to "Task Force Support". The paper will also include a discussion on how such centres contributes to improved value creation.

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