The full added value of a field performance strategy is only achieved when every effort is treated as an integral part of the complete and larger production system, which ranges from reservoir to export. By combining data gathering, integrated modelling, and control elements in so-called "value loops", optimization opportunities of the field efficiency are achieved in every phase of the asset lifecycle.

The Field Monitoring solutions of TOTAL, aim at improving this field performance through the execution of pertinent analyses, that help take strategic decisions; these decisions are based on a common, single and widely shared view of the information, that provides a better understanding of ongoing events on each asset.

This paper presents TOTAL field examples of Data Validation and Reconciliation (DVR) applied to flow measurement (metering) systems; and the resulting added value:

  • in improving production allocation along with reservoir and surface material balance,

  • in reconciling surface and subsurface monitoring for production and reserves optimization.

It evidences in particular:

  • That DVR implementation associated with flow modelling improves the reliability and accuracy of the production estimates, and of the subsea and downhole measurement devices,

  • The high potential of DVR in analyzing, qualifying and interpretating large amounts of measurements, and in providing more information from existing sensors, which is of particular interest when key measurements fail or are non available.

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