PRODML™ is a set of production data standards, initiated by 13 upstream oil and service companies with the industry standards body Energistics (then POSC) in 2005. In November 2006, PRODML Version 1.0 was released. The focus was on production optimization processes which could produce results implementable within a day. The domain was from perforations through to start of processing on the surface. The objective was to enable plug and play integration of current upstream applications while supporting a variety of optimization processes.

In 2007, the PRODML community, now expanded to 23 companies, worked on extensions addressing production reporting, the use of a common "flow network model", and into "smart wells".

This paper, authored by experienced members of the PRODML community, explains the evolution from a concept to "do something about production data" into a well-defined series of interoperable services, with a defined future path.

A practical approach to the implementation of an integrated production optimization "analytic environment" will then be described, illustrated by a richly detailed and broad-based real life case study as deployed by Chevron.

The strategy that current members have set for the next three years will be outlined. This covers expansion of the "footprint" of PRODML, (reflecting the need for a clear understanding of business drivers for end-users and for developers), functionality (supporting above all a focus on "usability" – ensuring that PRODML expands while remaining accessible and quick to pick up for new developers), support, and governance.

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