The uptake of operation support centers for monitoring and remotely controlling wellsite operations in real time is accelerating in the industry. This paper identifies and discusses the human factors involved with the successful design and operation of these centers.

The introduction of remote operation centers is having a significant impact on the physical and cognitive abilities of engineers working within the centers. Human Factors is a discipline that focuses on how people interact with tasks, machines, and the environment with the consideration that humans have limitations and capabilities. Human Factors must be considered in the planning, design and operation of any remote operation center to ensure productive and safe operation of the center. Locating operators remote from the tasks they are controlling or monitoring will affect not only the direct control and decision making processes, but will also affect their cognitive abilities and ongoing knowledge management and training.

In order to maximize the productivity of any system it is essential to design the workflow to take account of the new operational methods rather than trying to duplicate the existing workflows in a remote environment.

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