The Champion West field was discovered in 1975 offshore Brunei, but its oil reserves in a complex web of thin reservoirs were initially deemed too expensive to develop. Field development was slow due to reservoir complexity and technology limitations. The current phase of development of the Champion West reservoirs uses long horizontal snake wells, which create multiple drainage points in sands, effectively achieving a similar drainage pattern of several conventional wells. The snake wells intersect up to 4 kilometers of reservoir intervals with total depth of up to 8 kilometers, and are divided into several zones with external casing packers or swellable packers. Each zone is then equipped with an inflow control valve and pressure and temperature sensors to allow monitoring and optimization of the recovery process from that zone. Historically, for long horizontal wells, the effective control of production profile and effective tracking of production from individual zones have been problematic. Poor tracking of production will adversely impact overall management and ultimate recovery from a reservoir. One solution is to fully utilize surface and downhole pressure data and multirate well tests to generate data driven models to determine zonal inflow, zonal interactions, and flow across inflow control valves, and to compute ICV settings for optimum reservoir management.

FieldWare Production Universe (FW PU) is a software application developed by Shell International Exploration & Production and Shell Global Solutions International, with significant involvement and support from Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sendirian Berhad (BSP) for robust data driven modelling in an production operations setting that provides continuous real time estimates of well-by-well production. Applied to the Champion West multizonal wells, the FieldWare PU models, built using surface and downhole test data and an understanding of well performance provides regularly validated estimates of zonal production rates using real time surface and downhole data. Using this tool, inflow control valve settings are suggested to the user in order to optimize production on a daily basis through the use of mathematical optimization routines taking into account all available data. The system also provides early warning to the field management team of any wells deviating from well reservoir management guidelines. The intent of this technology is to enable more transparent, sustainable and systematic management of smart well production systems through the use of real time data to improve the understanding of reservoir behaviour and to allow early intervention to optimize production and ultimate recovery.

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