It is often perceived that green fields present the ideal opportunity to implement new technology and processes to achieve world class operations via integrated field management. But there are still the challenges of limited recourses, change management and integration into existing operational systems.

This paper will present the results of IT involvement and challenges in 2 different Chevron major capital projects, the BBLT project in Angola and the Gorgon project in Australia. It will look at the construction of current state and future state plans, the prioritization of the project queues, the involvement of local IT support and vendor support, the change management approach for the user community and integration of data within the business value chain and across geographical locations. The project focused on the systems, data management and communications for the operations field teams and the subsurface asset teams.

Data access and integration included well data systems of record, real time drilling data, real time access to time series operational data, especially down hole pressure and temperature and integration of operational data to production allocation, reservoir simulation and well optimization analysis tools.

The project goals were achieved to reduce time and effort in finding and reformatting data, reducing the duplication of data, allowing data access across the globe and enabling better decision making by ensuring that the best data was available for analysis in an appropriate time frame. The data access processes also allowed us to reduce the number of people offshore.

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