This paper reports on key learnings acquired over the last two years from of the implementation of five Advanced Collaborative Environments (ACE) projects, as part of BP's global FIELD OF THE FUTURE programme in the North Sea. ACE transforms the way onshore and offshore staff interact and collaborate, with the objective of improving operating uptime and plant efficiency.

The paper will describe:

  • How the behaviours of onshore and offshore teams have changed, and the subsequent impact on business performance.

  • The benefits realised during the early months of ACE operation, including both tangible and non-tangible value recognised.

  • The impact of ACE projects on both the onshore and offshore population.

  • Plans to continue the ACE journey by deploying and exploiting new and existing technologies to:

    • Further improve the efficiency of the offshore/onshore interface.

    • Change the working relationship between BP and some of its third party suppliers.

    • Deliver global expertise more effectively to the point of need.

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