This paper details the progress made with the implementation of BP's FIELD OF THE FUTURE program over the past four years. It first describes the approach taken by BP to install real time data infrastructure in many sectors of its operations. To date this infrastructure has included the installation of 1800km of fibre optic cable, the registration of nearly two million real time data tags within a common real time data backbone, and construction of more than twenty Advanced Collaborative Environments supporting production and drilling operations.

The paper then describes some of the activities underway in BP's operations, and the associated benefits, including:

  • use of advanced well monitoring technology to manage sand production and other aspects of well performance in 20 fields (1-3% production benefit)

  • examples of full field optimisation/visualisation and associated benefits (1-2% production benefit)

  • the development of a new downhole flow control capability for high rate sand prone wells (resource/reserve benefit)

  • early experience with the application of temperature profile monitoring and of life of field seismic (resource/reserve benefit)

Finally, the paper describes the people, process and organisation activity undertaken in several of BP's large operating areas which have directly impacted many of the operational staff working in these areas through an extensive set of change management workshops and similar activity.

The lessons learned from these activities over the past four years include the need to:

  • define support and maintenance resources up front

  • identify and standardize infrastructure requirements for new projects

  • take a centralized global approach to planning deployment but a local approach to implementation

  • fully resource change management activity

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