The vision for Intelligent Strategies in the oil industry is defined by the optimal integration of business processes and advanced technologies, supported by organizational alignment, to deliver a new standard for decision making. The greatest challenge we have all discovered is in effectively delivering the required change management, and therefore, greenfield opportunities deliver the easiest and the most rapid successes. The segment of the hydrocarbon supply chain where greenfield sites are prominent is in LNG.

Many aspects of LNG business processes and operations are unique. The paper will discuss the uniqueness of business processes stemming from LNG commercial models and the resulting requirement for tight interaction between Supply Chain and Operations, which is executed through the deployment of real-time data and information technologies.

Additionally, the paper will explore how intelligent strategies are especially significant in this industry due to the ownership structures. LNG is a highly fragmented industry, with different players in each segment of the value chain. The fragmentation is further complicated by different company stakes in assets as owners, operators, and suppliers and off takers of the LNG terminal assets. Intelligent strategies deliver the required world-class communication and collaboration capabilities.

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