Individuals in Collaborative Work Environments (CWE's) have interpretations and norms towards the technology they use. We call these interpretations and norms ‘mental models’. These mental models form the perceptions from which other models are interpreted, for example decision-making models. Mental models can be divided into taskwork and teamwork mental models.

This paper will focus on the group level of the (shared) mental models. Not only the use of technology is influenced by the mental models, also the success of learning will, to a large extent, depend on these mental models. So far, the emphasis has been on the development and implementation of Smart Oil Fields Technology as such. Little attention has been paid to the importance of the influence of mental models during the implementation of the new technology. This paper aims to shed some light on the subjective aspect of the implementation of Smart Oil Fields Technology within the CWE's, by providing a model of major factors of influence and outcomes of Group Mental Models in Collaborative Work Environments.

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