This paper discusses the role of modelling and optimisation in BP's FIELD OF THE FUTURE Short-Loop optimisation programme. The focus is on the short-term optimisation of oil and gas production subject to the constraints imposed by hydrocarbon reservoir management and the associated protection of reserves. Reservoir modelling itself is not discussed; rather it is assumed that an effective reservoir depletion strategy has been defined and can be used to set boundaries for the short term optimisation of production.

The primary objective of the paper is to support the case for the widespread use of mechanistic modelling in support of operational decision making. Past experience in BP, with modelling and optimisation technologies, has shown that there is a huge potential for increased production from the use of models in support of daily operations, once the quality of these models has been assured.

The paper reviews the current business drivers for optimisation in BP and summarises some of the historical experience with model based optimisation in BP's Exploration and Production segment. The paper concludes by summarizing some of the key learnings that the FIELD OF THE FUTURE programme is taking forward as the basis for the design and deployment of a new optimisation capability within BP. called Model Based Operational Support (MBOS).

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