BP's Norway Assets have been recognised as a leading practitioner in the implementation of innovative intelligent energy solutions, what BP calls FIELD OF THE FUTURE technology. The installation in 1999 of a fibre cable, linking BP Norway's headquarters in Stavanger with their offshore operated assets, has been instrumental in putting BP Norway in the vanguard of implementing this new technology and associated work flows. This paper will take a look back over the substantial achievements and benefits that have accrued through the implementation of these technologies and review the experience gained. It will also look forward to the plans BP Norway have for taking their achievements to an even higher level of performance by fully embracing innovative intelligent energy solution concepts in two major projects that come on line in 2010/11.

This paper will present case studies of the various enabling and novel technologies installed to date, how these have been integrated within the operating environment, and demonstrate the continuing delivery of value. Examples presented will include:

  • implementation and progressive development of the Advanced Collaborative Environment (ACE) concept;

    • from an early pilot operations centre,

    • through the implementation of what is believed to be the World's first 24/7 Onshore Drilling Operations Centre.

    • to the current generation of operations and support ACE's.

  • introduction and integration of FIELD OF THE FUTURE technology into the assets and how this continues to impact production and plant efficiency;

    • the first full scale life of field seismic array,

    • an innovative set of optimisation tools

    • remote integrated surveillance tools for real time remote monitoring of wells and plant.

These tools have not only enhanced collaboration locally, but also enabled effective remote support form BP's Technology Centre and from specialist consultants, resulting in sustained improvement in asset performance.

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