Fundamental to the Intelligent Energy initiative are the acquisition and presentation of information across a distributed supply chain. This is for matters of integrity assurance and the wider elements of production optimisation, maintenance and normal operations. Thus, energy companies are seeking new solutions for the collection of real-time data from across their enterprise, from well-bore to export pipe and beyond, and the integration of this with other forms of information. The complexity which has prevented this from being realised until now arises in that the information required by the many disparate users is derived from multiple sources with differing protocols, data structures and suppliers, across the breadth of the asset's lifecycle.

This paper presents an enterprise scalable architecture that supports the activities of users in their searching for and recovery of information. It describes how it is possible to structure, partition and secure that data so that anyone can get access to the information when they need it, and yet remain in control so that it is possible to know where the information has come from, when it hasn't been delivered ‘right’ and when it needs to be updated to reflect process or technical changes.

This approach is significant in that it marks the drawing together for approval and publication of a number of widely used standards into a single data description and the deployment of this to meet a real-world problem that is affects all assets in operation or development.

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