It has been successfully demonstrated over the past few years that the use of a collaborative environment adds considerable value to the operation of oil and gas assets. The value achieved is maximized when asset personnel can access the right information in an easy, fast and comprehensive manner. In this respect, assets that invest significantly in measurement and automation demand technologies that allow the users to capture, validate and make use of data in business workflows on a real-time basis.

Integrated production operations require coordination of every sector involved to impact the performance of the asset in the most efficient way. Field personnel often have to perform complex tasks ranging from acquiring field measurements under the best known conditions of the reservoir and plant, analyzing and validating the data collected, updating well and field models, and taking timely decisions in accordance with asset studies and annual plans.

In this paper, we present the implementation of real time operations (RTO) technologies for Barracuda-Caratinga fields in Brazil's Campos basin, which enable asset teams to effectively execute workflows related to well production testing, production test validation, production estimation, production loss control, plant efficiency and key performance indicators (KPIs) management. The adopted workflows are enabled through change management processes in addition to innovative technologies. Reliable and time-effective workflows for production surveillance and testing, continuous performance modeling, and sharing consistent and validated data across multi-disciplinary teams provides better control of operations for the asset management. This paper discusses the methodology for selection of relevant technologies and the phased approach applied to implement the different workflows. Benefits include better understanding of asset performance based on the most recent and accurate information.

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