We describe CODIO, an Integrated Operations (IO) development project currently underway in the North Sea region. The aim of the project is to optimize the drilling process by ensuring that drilling teams generate a continuous stream of right decisions made at the right time. Current IO projects do not fully address the challenges posed by decision making in the new IO environment with abundant real-time data, operation centers, virtual multidisciplinary teams, mobile workforce, etc. The CODIO project develops and evaluates a new model for decision support in IO. The model is based on advanced decision theory, combined with real-time situation assessment, collaborative ICT-supported work processes, and a semantic model for sharing data and knowledge. Decision support in CODIO exploits recent advances in Bayesian techniques, adapted to dynamic and (near) real-time decision situations. Constructing decision models "on the fly" is enabled by collaboration technology including visualization. Previous work on applying Semantic Web standards (OWL, RDF) in IO is used to support proactive information gathering and sharing. CODIO is being verified by systematic laboratory testing, followed by gradual introduction in the ODC (Onshore Drilling Center) facility operated by ConocoPhillips in Tananger, Norway.

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