In recent years, re-invention and development of electrical wireline mechanical applications, initially for high-angle well-access in conjunction with wireline tractors, has proven able to unlock value potentials by allowing interventions, previously thought impossible or cost prohibitive, even in low angle wells. Common denominators are remote-control, rig-less operations and documented large value-creations.

The most recent advancement in this service category includes milling and drilling on wireline; a breakthrough within intelligent production optimization. With the ability to engage a wide variety of challenges downhole, this technology provides hitherto unseen possibilities to increase production quickly, efficiently and safely. Also representing new capabilities is the technology of transforming constant mechanical force independently of the wireline and depth/deviation of the well. The advantage here is that operations can be performed from a crane or mast unit with electric line and apply a pulling/pushing force capable of manipulating down hole production control devices in a controlled and repeatable manner.

This paper will present innovative areas of recovering production through various case histories.

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