A web based system has been developed to improve workflow optimisation, collaboration and the communication of a business process. This new generation project management application greatly enhances the ability of an organisation to comply with external standards and implement consistent internal systems. It helps people of all levels of experience to share information across geographical and organisational boundaries, can reduce cycle or reactivation time and helps to implement controls such as stage gates. The user interface displays the workflow and current status of single or multiple projects with unparalleled clarity.

All companies have management systems or work processes, some more formal than others, to help maintain consistency and quality in their business delivery and to ensure compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements. There is a common need across industry sectors and disciplines to define a way of working and then ensuring that this "business process" is used. Management systems may be inefficient or may even fail for a number of reasons, including lack of detail or too much detail, poorly defined requirements or inadequate information technology.

The simple but highly innovative web based system described in this paper was completed and implemented six months after coding began. An existing process had been mapped to the new software so users were immediately familiar with the task descriptions and terms used. The application delivered on its basic promise; improved process visibility, consistency and compliance with defined standards.

This paper contains a summary of the system attributes that led to a successful launch in Talisman Norway (TENAS) and suggests that a high degree of commonality exists between processes in different organisations. This paper will be of interest at all levels of an organisation - Managerial, Technical and Administrative.

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