The recent increase in deployment of intelligent field technologies is a clear sign of industry confidence in the ability of this new technology to deliver on its promises. Real-time enabling technologies, collaborative thinking and decision-making processes are three essential elements for real-time field management environment. This environment ensures that information from various sources is integrated leading to outcomes that meet business objectives.

With emphasis on Real-time Reservoir Management (RTRM), the petroleum industry is seeking more efficient management and production processes to improve the asset value throughout its various stages. RTRM can be described as constantly improving an objective function(s) that is dependent upon the concept of closed loop model.

In this paper, examples of various real-time optimization loops from Saudi Aramco fields will be presented to illustrate the above. These optimization loops have different cycle times depending on the process being optimized. To illustrate the concept, Haradh Increment-III development demonstrates a case study which is viewed as a milestone in real-time field management. The success of that development can be traced to the four elements of RTRM enabling technologies: geosteering, multilateral maximum reservoir wells, smart completions and I-Field. As a result of applying various real-time optimization loops, the Haradh Increment-III came on stream delivering 300 MBD five months ahead of schedule and has sustained better than expected performance.

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