Statoil has implemented a strategy for wide deployment of Integrated Operations (IO), which has evolved on the basis of the company's cultural and organisational characteristics, the experiences it has gained and the assets it operates.

A phase of experimentation, including R&D activities, pilots and wide deployment, was identified as necessary for the understanding of the challenges ahead to mature. Two examples are the development of work processes for production optimization and the design of new wells and drilling with net present value as the main quality criterion.

The second phase was to establish field-specific plans in order to ensure more rapid and broader progress. The third phase recognised that the ambition could be set higher if a concrete vision was established: "to strengthen decision-making onshore and strengthen execution offshore". In addition, IO synergies were identified across assets.

One success factor has been the wholehearted support of senior management, the CEO and the E&P senior vice president and his team. Another factor has been the change management process, which was established through a core team consisting of both discipline and asset expertise, with the formal support of the technical and administrative organisations

The empowerment of the assets and their multidisciplinary groups to develop and implement a broad set of initiatives has been crucial. It provided the enthusiasm, experience and confidence required to make the transition to company-wide solutions.

The impact on the bottom line is already being felt: in 2006, the production increase as a resulted of IO generated USD1.5 billion.

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