This paper describes the planning for, implementation of and results generated by a real-time field surveillance and well services management system, as it was deployed in an onshore mature field in California USA. The motivation behind the deployment of this system was simultaneously to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs in this large field with over 1,000 wells.

The paper will describe how the business processes and supporting workflows were defined. This is an essential step before any technology can be deployed. The challenges of data management included not only the automatic handling of very large quantities of real-time data, but also the management of inventory, and the integration of field-level data with corporate-level data. Historical data had to be brought into, and made compatible with, the new system. The technologies required for this project included the software systems themselves, but also the integration of these with remote intelligent field sensors and data transmission systems.

The impact of the system has been material to the performance of the asset. Examples will be given of tangible improvements in performance across the disciplines of surveillance, production engineering and well services. What was found was that critical to the successful deployment of this system was the organizational changes needed to support the new working practices it enabled. The paper will discuss the required Change Management programs.

The success of this project has established without doubt that a "smart" solution integrating intelligent remote devices, communications networks and workflow management software can be successfully deployed on large, mature fields. The deployment process to achieve this has been assimilated and is now being reproduced in many other similar fields across North America. The paper will indicate some of the areas where this combination of technology and supporting change management will be expanded in the future.

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