Technological progress alone is insufficient in the E&P industry today given the wider administrative, legal and organisational challenges that E&P development Projects currently have to contend with. In particular, risk management has become fundamental to both operator and service provider companies.

This paper presents two E&P case studies that illustrate how the use of collaboration and data visualisation tools provided significant assistance and support to E&P risk management activities. The first case study concerns a deep offshore E&P development project where the risk management activity had become virtually impossible to coordinate because of a very aggressive project execution environment. The implementation of collaboration technology for the project's executive management team established and sustained risk visibility at the appropriate level, whilst allowing all risk-related information to be seamlessly integrated with the rest of the project execution plan. The second case study concerns the collection and monitoring of safety and risk performance indicators (RPIs) at operational E&P sites of a major oil company. We will describe how analysis and feasibility work led to the design and development of a methodological tool capable of collecting and organising a diversified set of RPIs and then presenting them in an innovative graphical form for analysis and prioritisation.

The added value for E&P projects is evident: risk management without risk.

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