Rapid changes in digital technology are revolutionising the ways in which we acquire and process data and are improving the quality and efficiency of decision making. Through the application of these digital technologies, both new and existing, BP aspires to operate its assets at the technical limit of efficiency, recovery and cost.

To make this aspiration a reality, BP has implemented a programme called FIELD OF THE FUTURE. The scope of this programme covers development and deployment of technology and business process solutions to most aspects of oil and gasfield operations - from reservoir to export, in both mature and new fields, onshore as well as offshore. The purpose of grouping these technologies under a single programme is to obtain maximum leverage from these technologies by ensuring appropriate integration between them, making strategic choices about where they are deployed and ensuring rapid propagation of early learnings.

This paper describes the portfolio of technologies needed to deliver its vision of FIELD OF THE FUTURE. The following technology themes form the core of BP's FIELD OF THE FUTURE Programme:

  • Real-time reservoir management

  • Production optimisation

  • Remote performance monitoring and collaboration

  • Advanced collaborative environments

  • Connecting global know-how and expertise, 24/7

The paper will also describe how BP is deploying these technologies and capabilities, with particular emphasis on the revised business processes and enhanced people capabilities needed to underpin successful deployment at scale across its assets.

Finally, the paper will summarise current status of technology development and deployment in BP, the successes achieved to date and challenges that remain.

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