Intelligent wells and Smart Field concept have been introduced, and recently applied in some assets as a solution to increase production, reduce deferment and increase recovery. The value of Smart Field however can only be fully realized by integrating three main elements, Technology, Process and Resources. Combining subsurface smart well technologies, real-time data gathering, integrated modeling and control elements through appropriate resources and skills are core to close the smart field value loop and will result in better optimization, cost saving and enhancing ultimate recovery.

Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) is a regional lead E&P Company and one of the Shell Companies to apply Smart Field value loop concept. Smart well applications have been implemented for a long time before in BSP. In mid 2003 BSP have taken further steps beyond Smart Well applications, when smart field value loop concept has been initiated in its East Asset. Subsurface smart well technologies, surface control engineering and real-time application systems have been integrated to achieve higher production gains, cost saving and enhance ultimate recovery.

The smart field philosophy is not only about automation, it is about making available the three key ingredients that are needed to efficiently operate any machinery: reliable performance data, an integrated suite of tools to turn these data to information and operational advisories and a cadre of appropriate skilled professionals that use the information to make the right decisions.

The objectives of this paper are to share the experience on smart field applications and operations in BSP, demonstrate the value of integrating Smart Field elements, demonstrate the importance of team integration to achieve the value loop and share the challenges encountered, lessons learnt and recommendations.

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