Current technology limits the drilling of horizontal wells to utilizing steerable motor assemblies and MWD systems. Recent developments have lead to the successful introduction of automatic rotary drilling tools, or more commonly known as Rotary Steerable Tools. This technology greatly enhances the efficiency of horizontal drilling. Benefits attributable to automatic rotary drilling tools include increased ROP, elimination of sliding, improved hole cleaning, optimized bit selection, extended horizontal reach, improved tortuosity and complete closed loop systems.

The presentation will begin the presentation by describing the history of Rotary Steerable Tools. Why the tools were developed and who has been at the forefront of development. At this point the presentation will focus on the horizontal drilling market and how these tools in general have been instrumental in the successful completion of extended reach horizontal wells around the world. From here the focus will be on the tools that are available today. The presentation will describe the mechanical workings of the tools, electronics package and benefits of these tools when used in a horizontal application as opposed to a conventional bent housing mud motor and MWD drilling system. The discussion will conclude the discussion by explaining where the market is headed for horizontal drilling using Rotary Steerable Tool systems.

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