Automated directional drilling systems were amongst the key deliverables in a recently concluded joint development program between an oil company and an oilfield service provider. The two automated directional drilling systems as developed in the project have a certain degree of commonalty, however, there are also major differences in the way they work. The field experience described here was the first opportunity to run both tools together in the same well. Each of them was able to demonstrate it's specific and unique capabilities. The drilling strategy for Monte Enoc 9 required the use of a straighthole drilling system, SDD, in the upper hole sections and the rotary steering system, AutoTrak, in the 8 ½" hole size. By synergistically using the new automated tools, Monte Enoc 9 was drilled in a much more efficiently than offset wells, producing substantial time savings, a smoother hole trajectory, and less friction. The concluding 6" hole section of the well could be drilled and steered in a much easier fashion than expected because of the good conditions created in the vertical and curved hole sections. The drilling strategy as practiced in ME9OR will be further optimized to allow for even greater savings.

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