Horizontal oil well drilling, completion and production techniques have continued to advance through the use of shared learnings and new technology as applied in the most recent BP Amoco field development in Trinidad. The Mahogany field is being developed to supply gas to the Atlantic LNG plant in Trinidad. The 21 Sand reservoir in this field has a 60 foot oil column overlain by a 400 bcf gas cap and underlain by water. As with other fields in Trinidad that have thin oil columns horizontal well technology was selected as the preferred method to develop the Mahogany 21 Sand oil leg. During the front end loading design phase of the Mahogany field development an extensive review of evolving technology and recent world wide experience was undertaken. As well, the front end loading involved a review of the BP Amoco Immortelle (Trinidad) horizontal well program which was in its third phase as the Mahogany front end loading was being completed.

The critical success factors that emerged from the front end loading review were well placement within the oil column, avoid drilling poor quality reservoir, avoid undulating wellbores, the need to understand well performance with very low drawdowns, the need to land the well in the right place and at the right angle. All of these issues were addressed in the Mahogany horizontal well designs and have been successfully implemented.

The front end loading work and continuing optimization of the well designs has resulted in a highly successful 21 sand oil development which is expected to deliver economic results superior to the authorized metrics.

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