Liners for wells produced using the SAGD process (steam assisted gravity drainage) must balance sand control requirements and inflow characteristics against the structural demands of thermally induced loads. These challenging design issues require a switch from conventional load-based casing design principals to a deformation-controlled design basis. This paper first develops this design basis, describing the problem in terms of the controlling variables, then applies the results to the liner design for a specific reservoir in a reliability based context. The developed design implements innovative and recently commercially available deformation control devices to manage competing thermal and geo-mechanical loads in the intermediate casing and horizontal liner. For the candidate well, a purpose-specific slotting configuration was also defined to control inflow distribution and reduce risk of undesirable slot deformations under thermal loads. (SPE Paper 65517 describes the inflow design basis.) The resulting liner design maintains structural integrity and provides slot geometry protection to ensure effective sand control supporting the extended production life obtained through managed slot distribution.

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