The mechanism of pressure drop along the horizontal well and its dependence on hydrodynamic and geometrical parameters of the reservoir and the well is in the focus of our work. A model of single-phase coupled fluid flow in porous media and in a horizontal well is proposed. For solving the problem a hybrid analytical/numerical methods is tested. The developed method can be applied to analytical estimation of the influence of the various parameters (geometry of the reservoir (shape factor), length, and radius of the well, and also well/reservoir conductivity) on Production Index.

In our work we consider the whole area of drainage: the wellbore itself, bottomhole zone of the reservoir and the reservoir periphery as three adjoint media with different conductivity. For gluing different type of fluid flows with different geometry special non-overlapping domain decomposition method is developed.

This method allows to reduce complicated fluid flow in 3-D media to a sequence of "simple" flows in homogenous media with standard shape (such as sphere, cylinder or annular cylinder).

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